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Nancy Colahan, "Greek Veil" by Ruth St. Denis

Lorraine Fields, "Strage Fruit" by Pearl Primus

Founded in 1978, Los Angeles Dance Foundation’s (LADF)  original focus was to establish a living museum of modern dance reconstructions and commission works for diverse audiences in performance, outreach,

and arts learning settings.

In 2010, LADF's mission diversified with services focused on facilitating a more robust dance field and supporting growth in capacity and ways to connect its dance community.  


These services include:


  • The Evolving State of Dance in Los Angeles (2014) commissioned study of challenges facing companies and venues, and opportunities to advance growth.


  • Sponsorship of key dance events to encourage meaningful connectivity within the larger dance community.


  • Dance Treasures Project to promote and cultivate knowledge of distinguished professionals based in California whose  body of work significantly enriches the field. 

Bonnie Oda Homsey, "Witch Dance" by Mary Wigman

LADF's former performance entity with repertoire of 40+ reconstructed modern dances and performed by roster of prominent artists.

Dance Collections
Database (DCDb)

A free, online tool matching dance professionals with suitable institutions to house their ephemera and resource materials.

Promoting the distinguished dance legacies cultivated in California

The 2016 Dance Assembly presented by Center for Cultural Innovation and organized by Bonnie Oda Homsey, explores key changes to LA's dance scene on May 21st 1 pm at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center.  


Michio Ito Pioneering Dancer-Choreographer film is available for purchase or streaming on Amazon.

Photo by: TAEK

“I believe each artist can claim a place in the generational links of the diverse legacies, representing the worlds of our concert, commercial, heritage-based and social dance forms.”    

Bonnie Oda Homsey

An Action Plan for the Covid-19 Setting
by Bonnie Oda Homsey


Resource Suggestions



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President, Board of Director

Philip R. Homsey II, Esq. has been a practicing attorney in Los Angeles for the past 45 years.  His area of practice includes nonprofit and charitable organizations.  Mr. Homsey has served on the board of a number of nonprofit community organizations including Chairman of the Board of Glendale Memorial Hospital, Regional Board of Catholic Health Care West, Los Feliz Improvement Association, and AVMPCA.  Mr. Homsey is an active supporter of the arts having funded numerous projects in dance and theater.

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