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American Repertory Dance Company

Founding Artists

American Repertory Dance Company was co-founded by Bonnie Oda Homsey and Janet Eilber in 1994 as LADF’s performance entity.  Its critically acclaimed reconstructions and commissions were a living museum of dances presented in thematic programs and tailored to the presenter’s needs. 

The Pioneering Choreographers


Duncan, St. Denis, Shawn, Ito, Graham, Wigman, DeMille, Humphrey, Weidman, Horton, Tamiris


Second Generation Choreographers

Bettis, Dudley, Gentry, King, Kreutzberg, Lewitzky, McKayle, Maracci, Maslow, Nagrin, Primus,

Sokolow, Trisler

Contemporary Choreographers

Mark Morris, Lar Lubovitch, Robert Battle,
Susan Marshall, Mark Dendy, Andrea E. Woods,
Colin Connor, Laurence Blake, 
Jeff Sayton, Christopher Pilafian


Thematic Concerts

(Click here for dances on each concert.)

•  Weeping Women in Dance
•  Indomitable Spirit of Woman
• Trailblazers: Dancers of Change
• Heart of Woman
• Modern Antiquity: Ancient Art Informing Modern Dance
• Legendary California Choreographers
• Dance in Photography
• Pioneering California Choreographers
• Generation Next
• Celebration of the Solo

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