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Bonnie Oda Homsey’s Career Development Offerings


  • The article, now available as Open Source material, introduces career tools that Bonnie developed for college and university dance major courses. The focus is on new practices to withstand the inevitable environmental influences on evolving one’s dance career. Click here for the article.

  • Bonnie draws on her expertise as dancer, artistic director, producer, grant funder, educator, curator, as well as her work as a paralegal and actor. These broad perspectives allow her to formulate the ‘big picture,’ then to focus on the client’s key strategic initiatives. Her approach helps to identify branding and the administrative/operational directions so the client gains clarity and the momentum to advance career goals.


Bebe Neuwirth

"Bonnie’s work with us at the Ann Reinking Scholarship was
of extraordinary excellence. Her wisdom, patience, respect, clarity, specificity, professionalism and kindness were deeply appreciated. Bonnie’s insights and advice were profoundly helpful."

Bret Easterling

"Bonnie Oda Homsey deeply understands the inner workings
arts organizations and offers priceless guidance that is contextual to the field at large. She is able to objectively view your work, effortlessly recognizing where more support is needed while offering simple and effective steps to help strengthen them. Bonnie invested in the foundation of my organization, distilling and articulating my company’s core purpose in order to use it as the blueprint for how we addressed each issue and clarified short/mid/long-term goals. Leading with true care and wisdom, each session left me feeling capable, emboldened, optimistic, and energized to continue the work!"


Robyn Mineko

"Bonnie Oda Homsey's multi-layered experience as an artist, educator, and leader offer an expansive understanding of the ins and outs of the art world and fantastic perspective and insight that is invaluable to a working artist. Our consultancy work together has been thoughtful, conversational, comprehensive, and extremely effective. Highly recommended!"


Hannah Doerr 

"Bonnie’s consultancy program is a comprehensive process that touches on all aspects of job hunting and helped me become a strong, confident candidate. She guided me to critically think about goals and strengths to dive deeply into what I truly wanted. Her knowledge and experience helped me see the big picture of my best fit in the industry. I wouldn’t have my current job without her!"


Moncell Durden

"Bonnie Homsey provided limitless guidance to help me define and re-evaluate my business model. The work grounded me in the fundamental business strategies that have expanded my awareness to what is available in order to grow my business, Intangible Roots."

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