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ARDC Roster of Artists

Assembling the scope of LADF’s extraordinary masterworks was possible because of the equally remarkable dancers, many of whom performed with the iconic choreographers.   Each of the following artists proudly celebrated their dance inheritances onstage with us, and their performances forged links from the past, to present and future generation of artists.

Founding Artists (Click here for Bios)
Janet Eilber Bonnie Oda Homsey

Michele Simmons Risa Steinberg Nancy Colahan


Eloy Barragan, Rachel Berman, Lillian Bitkoff, Laurence Blake, Ronald Brown,
Diane DeFranco Browne, Deborah Collodel, Colin Connor, John Denniston, Lisa Ebeyer, Lorraine Fields, Susan Gladstone, Peter Wing Healey, Roger Gonzalez Hibner, Bunny Hull, Susan Conrad Iles, Holly Irwin, Walter Kennedy, Victoria Koenig, Bill Landrum, Tim LaViano, Diana MacNeil, Hector Mercado, Steven Montgomery, Richard Move, Mary Ann Newhall, Douglas Nielsen, Debra Noble, Rachel Ortiz, John Pennington, Christopher Pilafian, Craig Raclawski , Julie Shulman, Jeff Slayton, Luis Tentindo, Carole Valleskey, Bryan Wallk, Jeung Hee Yoon, L. Martina Young

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