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Photo Credits: Collections of Bonnie Homsey, Vincent Patterson and Mythili Prakash

Did you know?    Dance Heritage Coalition published America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures: The First 100.  Twenty of those 100 dance icons regarded Southern California as ‘home,’ yet…

13 archives are mainly housed in collections outside of California

1 archive (American Bandstand) is solely housed in California California

Dance Treasures Project promotes knowledge about the distinguished professionals and companies, whose work was cultivated in California and significantly impacted the field.   The effort focuses on amplifying collaborations among the legacy partners and recognizing the generational linkages connecting and influencing creative benchmarks of the future.  DTP’s platforms of service are:

   Archivists Resource Group              Legacy Basics for Artists

                                    Trailblazers Exhibit

Objectives:  Expanding the diversity of dance resources available at our institutions; developing legacy planning skills of the artists; and providing greater access to materials for the artistic community and general public. 


Archives Resource Group (click for more info)

Click to see the listing of ARG members and links to their institutions.  And, the rotating “SPOTLIGHT” feature.

Legacy Basics
          For Artists 
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one-on-one training sessions.

Trailblazer Exhibit

Whats New?

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The first English language film about Michio Ito, a pioneering dancer-choreographer.

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