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                               - The Evolving State of Dance in Los Angeles is a commissioned study by

                                Bonnie Oda Homsey investigating the challenges facing dance companies

                                and dance presenters, and the increasing trend toward non-concert

                                earned income opportunities to advance artistic and economic growth.                                 



                              - LADF helped sponsor the first L.A. Dance Gathering on October 30th hosted by

                                 Kristy Edmunds and CAP/UCLA.  The free event, attended by 800+ from the

community, featured a preview performance by Batsheva Dance Company.                                   dance


                              -LADF’s concert footage of solos choreographed by Martha Graham and
                                Isadora Duncan are included in the Music Center of Los Angeles County’s
                                new online curriculum, Artsource.  


                               -Dance Camera West screened Michio Ito  Pioneering Dancer-Choreographer
                                 as part of the Dance Media Film Festival at MOCA.  See “Library” to view a sample.


Ongoing Project

➢                           Dance Treasures Project – “Legacy Basics”
Bonnie offers FREE consultations for Southern California’s dancers, choreographers, and professionals, helping them organize materials and increase awareness of legacy planning strategies.  Contact Bonnie if you wish to schedule a meeting. 


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