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Why Dance Treasures Project (DTP) is important:

Audra Eagle Yun says,
“The Dance Treasures Project helps ensure that the history of dance in Southern California and the legacies of dancers and their companies are preserved for generations to study and appreciate.” 

Audra Eagle Yun introduces her facility,
University of California, Irvine Libraries Special Collections and Archives -

UC Irvine Libraries Special Collections and Archives collect rare books, serials, and archival materials to support the world-renown undergraduate and graduate programs in dance at UC Irvine.   The UC Irvine Dance Department is one of the largest and most comprehensive university dance programs in the United States.   We collect materials relating to dance history and theory, performance, and choreography from the 17th century to the present.   We also document the work of UC Irvine's leading faculty, including Eugene Loring, Olga Maynard, Donald Bradburn, and Donald McKayle.  We are open to the general public and welcome interested researchers to visit and use collections.   More information about our holdings is available here:

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